A Culture of Dialogue

The Association aims to promote exchanges of views in all areas of international policy and relations, be they geopolitical, diplomatic, economic and financial or cultural, while preserving full intellectual independence. The FSPI is a civil society organization and offers a space for reflection open to all points of view, safeguarding freedom of expression while respecting confidentiality by using the Chatham House Rules.

Strengthening the links between Switzerland and the international community

FSPI’s mission is to establish and strengthen links between the world of international organizations and Swiss citizens. It is also a place of welcome for people newly arrived in Geneva, together with other institutions in charge of welcoming them. The Forum also aims to establish a dialogue and exchanges between its members and those of other associations, Swiss as well as foreign, which pursue similar objectives, through the organization of joint meetings.

Promoting International Geneva

The Forum is committed to the promotion of International Geneva, and to highlighting the assets of the “Spirit of Geneva”, namely humanistic and humanitarian values. It participates in the promotion of Geneva as a center for multilateral diplomacy. FSPI supports the Swiss Confederation in its efforts to promote peace and human security through non-military means, and to strengthen international law, which are the two pillars of Swiss foreign policy. The Forum actively supports the reconciliation, negotiation and peace initiatives of the Swiss and Geneva authorities, academic institutions and numerous research and dialogue centers.



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